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EdgE Services for Tech Support

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure.

EdgE Services by EES delivers proactive services that not only keep your network up and running, but running effectively and efficiently. Our complete managed service package means that you will see increased performance, security and reliability immediately, and at an affordable price.

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EdgE Services is here for your network's performance and your peace of mind. Start focusing on your core business objectives and leave your network maintenance to us. EES helps protect your network's operation performance to keep your business up and running at optimal performance. Call us now and you'll receive a FREE business technology assessment and a 10% discount on our entry-level service.

Increased Network Availability

  • EES will monitor, 24x7, issues that might affect your network, and respond before they become critical such as a server running low on memory.
  • Automatic alert dispatch to EES guarantees an immediate response to problems at your site, reducing or eliminating downtime.

Greater Network Security

  • Any attempt by an unauthorized user to access the network will trigger an alert.
  • Software content control allows you to ban the high-bandwidth interactive games and illegal peer-to-peer file sharing that monopolize business resources and promote viruses and spyware.
  • Patch verification ensures your operating systems are up-to-date and not exposed to vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed hardware and software inventories—automatically collected, and 100% accurate—can be used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire or theft.

Heightened Network Performance

  • Scheduled executive reporting, automatically generated and sent directly to your e-mail address, will highlight any negative trends that need to be addressed and make capacity management and upgrade planning simple.

Improved Cost Management

  • EES can minimize disruptions to the work environment by remotely resolving issues using a secure VPN system.
  • If an issue arises that requires on-site assistance, prior in-depth knowledge allows EES to send fully prepared specialists who can resolve the issue faster than ever before.

If your business was hit by fire, flood or theft today, could you be up and running tomorrow?

EES can offer complete data backup and security services to ensure business continuity and compliance with insurance requirements. We'll help you put a plan in place to ensure that your business can get up and running in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster.

Did you know that some business insurance policies will not cover a loss if you don't provide and show evidence of having a comprehensive data recovery system in place? Let EES sit down with you and produce a comprehensive plan to ensure you are not paying for employees to sit around while your servers are being rebuilt and to ensure that your business will keep on functioning, even after a major disaster.

Maximize your network's availability.
Minimize unnecessary expense.

EES provides your business with complete management of all network-based services, applications and equipment. Our pricing is based on how efficiently and effectively we keep your business running, not on labor hours.

Stop spending your IT Funds on avoidable network problems and use them to grow your business instead.

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