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Email Services

• Project a professional image with your own domain.

• Prevent spam & virus attacks with industry-leading protection.

• Enjoy access anytime, anywhere. Includes Web Mail, IMAP and POP.

• Mailing lists for direct marketing & corporate communications.

• Personalized email account you can customize to your own branding.

EES e-mail services grow with you. You can start with as little as one mailbox and have room to grow just as fast as your business does! All of our mailboxes come with Web access that allows each mailbox owner the ability to create their own folders and set their own preferences for vacation and out of office responses. Many of our service packages include the ability to use your own desktop e-mail application like Outlook and Eudora. We also set up alias e-mail addresses at no extra charge, so it is easy to send to a group, or for one-time e-mail use.

Hate Spam? So do we. According to Ferris Research, productivity and other expenses associated with spam will cost U.S. businesses $17 billion.

Our answer to spam includes a unique combination of anti-spam and anti-virus software that stops most of this malicious traffic at the server preventing it from ever reaching your in-box.

E-mail Features

Setup up as many mailboxes as you need
Setup and manage up as many individual email accounts as your business needs, virus and spam protection and Web-based email access. Unlike Google's Gmail, we never scan emails for advertising purposes, keeping your messages private and secure.
Advanced Mailbox Features
Get greater flexibility than generic email services such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Google. Setup email forwarding, create auto-responders, catch-all email addresses, auto signatures and even check external mailboxes.
Supports Microsoft® Outlook® & all major e-mail packages
Access email using POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP or Web Mail. Support for all major PC and Mac based software, including Microsoft Outlook. With such diverse support, we let you choose how you want to collect email.
Virus Scanning off all incoming and outgoing mail
Shield your computer from harmful viruses, trojans and worms. If a virus is detected on any of your emails its deleted and sent on it's way. Our virus database is updated every day and we run the latest virus software.
Strong Spam Protection
Every email is checked against a database of blacklisted mail servers. When an email is sent from a blacklisted server, it's treated as Spam and rejected before it has a chance to clutter your mailbox.

Don't become a victim to viruses and spyware

Did you know that viruses and spyware are no longer limited to infecting your systems purely because you opened a “bad” e-mail? Now, just the simple act of visiting a legitimate Web site can allow your system to be attacked or comprised. In fact, software can now be installed without a window even opening to alert you that it is happening! Virus and spyware attacks enter through unpatched operating systems, shared network resources, incorrectly installed firewalls, even graphics that are on Web sites. In addition, EES is coming across, more than ever, installed but poorly maintained, or incorrectly installed anti-virus
or anti-spyware software which can be just as, or more dangerous than no anti-virus at all.

The old rule of “never open messages from someone you don’t know” no longer applies when viruses can forge trusted e-mail addresses or if Outlook is set to open every message that it sees. Firewalls don’t work if you have not downloaded every security
patch that has been put out (sometimes quite quietly) and worms are coming in through ports left open by your operating system. Spyware often loads itself as part of seemingly innocuous and useful utilities that you or others download on to your computer or your network.

By auditing your systems, EES will make recommendations for changes, updates and/or upgrades to your present anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software and firewalls. EES will also ensure that the software is installed properly and updated appropriately,
and that your staff is trained in the use of the software. We even offer contracts that leave the monitoring, updates, and maintenance to us. We are experts in the software we sell, stand behind and will only recommend the proven solutions that we use in our own business.

EES is here to help so your employees can remain secure, productiveand focused on your business. Do you know if your system is safe? It is much better to find out now while things are still working than after a preditor has attacked and compromized your system or worse, your corporate identity.

Find out why our solution from Trend Micro for SMB is becoming the #1 choice for businesses.

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